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FNB renovates Benson Road branch, adds new business banker

FNB renovates Benson Road branch, adds new business banker

We recently renovated our Benson Road branch to make room for an additional business banker.

Known as the “Transportation Branch,” the location is home to our team of Business Bankers — Team Lead Russ Robers, Derek Simonsen, and Justin Zandstra — that specializes in serving members of the transportation industry.

Now, our newest Business Banker, Mitch Janssen, has moved to his permanent location there.

“With Mitch joining the team at Benson Road, it was a great opportunity to evaluate the layout and the current needs of that branch,” said Facilities Experience Manager Kae Klinkenborg.

We closed the branch’s lobby in November 2023 while renovations were being completed and reopened it in early March.

The main aspects of the remodel involved adjusting the floor plan to make room for additional offices, adding height-adjustable desks for teammates, and updating the overall aesthetic of the branch, which was built in 2000.

The lobby of the newly renovated Benson Road branch of First National Bank.

The lobby of the newly renovated Benson Road branch of First National Bank.

The lobby of the newly renovated Benson Road branch of First National Bank.

A desk in the newly renovated Benson Road branch of First National Bank.

After completing a year of business banking training, Mitch moved to his new office at the Benson Road branch in early April, where he has joined Russ’s team of transportation banking experts.

The Iowa native and Northwestern College graduate has worked for FNB since March of 2020, and he says he’s excited to start this new chapter of his banking career.

“When the Business Banker position opened up, I jumped at the opportunity,” Mitch said. “I’m thrilled to now be in the role I’ve been working towards.”

Mitch Janssen, FNB's new business banker, working at his desk in the Benson Road branch.

From his business banking training to what kind of business he would start given the opportunity, you can learn about our newest Business Banker through the below Q&A with Mitch:

You worked at FNB for four years before transitioning to Business Banker. What did you do in that time?

I started as a Universal Banker at our Benson Road location, where I frequently worked in the front line. I often served as a teller and saw our business customers come through the branch.

I learned a lot about how we serve and provide value to businesses. That created a solid foundation for my current role, and it was then that I realized my passion for business banking.

After that, I continued as a Universal Banker at our 57th Street location until the Business Banking position opened up. I completed my year of training, and now I’m here.

What drives you to do business banking?

I love stories, and there’s always a story behind a business. There’s always a story behind an entrepreneur.

The number one thing, for me, is being able to connect with a customer and learn about their business. Then, I can help them achieve their goals based on where they’ve been and where they want to go.

What drew you to transportation banking, specifically?

The group here at Benson Road has found a strong niche in transportation banking. While we are happy to serve and currently have relationships with business owners in all industries, there are a lot of trucking companies and owner-operators that trust us to handle their banking needs.

In my time as a Universal Banker at Benson Road, I watched a lot of those relationships come through the doors and developed a deep appreciation for how important these businesses are to the economy.

Truckers are the backbone of the economy; without products getting trucked to where they need to be, then we essentially can’t live our lives the way we’re used to.

FNB's Benson Road Business Bankers, from left to right: Derek Simonsen, Justin Zandstra, Russ Robers, and Mitch Janssen.

The Benson Road Business Bankers, from left to right: Derek Simonsen, Justin Zandstra, Russ Robers, and Mitch Janssen.

Tell us about your year of training. How did the team at First National prepare you for business banking?

I started by spending six months in commercial credit analysis, which was a great opportunity to look at all types of businesses and credit. And then, when transportation banking relationships came through the queue, they would expose me to those as much as possible.

From spreading financial statements to looking at cash flow and putting together a full credit analysis, that experience allowed me to learn about the numbers side of a business relationship from start to finish. That’s a critical part of business banking — being able to read the financial health of a business and advise them through their numbers.

After that, I spent six months in Credit Review, which gave me the opportunity to learn how to properly document a loan.

What’s the most valuable thing you learned in that year of training?

Show and document your work. You want to help customers put their business in a better place, so taking the time to measure their financial health and show how you came to that conclusion will provide value to both them and the Bank.

What’s your favorite FIRST Value?

It’s definitely Family. Since becoming a father, I see a lot of things through that lens.

Mitch Janssen and his wife, Jodi, holding their daughters, Winnie and Eden.My wife, Jodi, and I have two young girls, Winnie and Eden. I want to be a good role model for them, and I want to provide value to our community as much as I can — because this is the community my girls are going to grow up in.

Let’s pull on that thread a little more. In what ways do you give back to the community?

I enjoy volunteering with organizations such as Feeding South Dakota, Kids Against Hunger, The Banquet, and Lunch is Served. There’s so much need out there, and it’s rewarding to help another person to be fed or provide nourishment for their family.

We need to talk about LinkedIn. You’re fairly active on the platform, posting about topics ranging from fatherhood to business to the local community. Where does that come from?

When I decided to start contributing to LinkedIn more, I knew that, as a business banker, being involved in the community and having a voice is paramount if you want to set yourself apart.

Because I’m working with family businesses and with entrepreneurs who have their own personal lives, it’s natural for me to talk about my own family and development. As a father, I see so many crossovers from the struggles and wins I have there into my professional life.

And, if all else, LinkedIn is a professional resource. If I share something personal on there, it’s to show that I’m human. It’s really easy to pump out content in this age of technology, but I think the one thing people are holding onto is being human — because people want to do business with other people.

If you had $1 million to start your own business, what would it be?

I would start with a farm-to-table meal kit service focused on local producers, and there would be an educational component. So you pick your meal, it’s sent to you, and then it tells you about the farms that your food came from.

But then, going further, it would include a year-round farmer’s market where regional producers can showcase their products. Then, you could have their products delivered to your door through that farm-to-table meal kit.

If you think Mitch Janssen would be a good fit for your business banking needs, reach out to him here or connect with him on LinkedIn. He’d be happy to start a conversation!

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Mitch Janssen

Business Banker
Benson Road

Russ Robers

Business Banking Team Lead
Benson Road

Derek Simonsen

Business Banker
Benson Road & Brandon

Justin Zandstra

Business Banker
Benson Road
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FNB renovates Benson Road branch, adds new business banker

We recently renovated our Benson Road branch to make room for an additional business banker.

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