Producer Education

We believe that every professional benefits from continuing education – it helps sharpen all facets of our business. Everyone at First National invests in growing their own skills, and we prioritize providing the same opportunities for our customers.

Ag producers are CEOs of multi-million-dollar businesses, and those businesses benefit from continuing education. Nearly all of our Ag Bankers are producers, and they’ll share their own and our team’s best practices with all of our producer customers. We also bring producers together with industry experts in small groups so our customers can learn from their peers and gather new ideas. And, we host large events that showcase where the agriculture industry is going and how to optimize inputs, operations, and marketing.

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Farmers 'N Bankers

Our Farmers 'N Bankers program is a series of education and leadership experiences intended to give farmers and ranchers deep insights into how financials, marketing, operations management, and succession planning can help them succeed in today's agricultural environment.

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Cultivate Your Future

Cultivate Your Future

Join us to learn more from industry experts who share insights into world livestock and grain markets. Producers who attend our one-day Cultivate Your Future event want to get the most of their hard work by understanding market dynamics, whether they're buying or selling.

Hutterite Banking Institute

Hutterite Banking Institute

We built the Hutterite Banking Institute specifically for Hutterite Colonies. This four-session program provides a series of educational opportunities focused on financial statements, financial analysis, and risk management tools available for your operation.

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Our Ag Team would love to customize producer education events, groups, or one-on-one conversations that can help you be the best producer-CEO you can be. Contact us, and we'll connect you with the best resources available.

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