Personal Deposit Accounts


Personal Deposit Accounts

You can deposit your hard-earned money anywhere, but with us, you’ll have your funds safely in the hands of a Sioux Falls based bank that survived the Great Depression. As an independent financial services organization, our mission is to excel in building successful relationships with customers who value extraordinary service.


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When you have your money in our checking and savings accounts, you can be assured you're getting the best products and services with the most reliable, trusted bank in the region.

Our deposit accounts are the bedrock of our relationships with our customers, young to mature. See why we have the right fit for you and your family.

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Mobile Deposit

We've made changes to the way we verify checks. Please make sure your check is endorsed properly when submitting it through Mobile Deposit. Otherwise, it will be sent back to you. All checks must have a signature and "For mobile deposit only FNBSF" written on the back. Give our Deposit Services team a call at (605) 335-5213 if you have any questions!