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Managing your personal finances should be simple, convenient, and secure. With our personal banking options, you choose what works for you.


For nearly 130 years, local businesses have put their trust in our expert knowledge, proven experience, and unsurpassed efficiency.


Our experienced mortgage bankers have local expertise and will help you find a home loan tailored to your individual needs.

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We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a culture to know and serve our client with flexibility and personal service. It’s who we are.


Independence and Innovation:We recognize that mistakes are often learning opportunities.
Family:We support, trust, and respect each other.
Relationships:We build trust by doing what we say we are going to do.
Stewardship:We take care of ourselves so we can take care of others.
Teamwork:“We” is not a department. We are all in this together.
Independence & Innovation:We embrace change as vital to our success.
Family:We value our differences.
Relationships:We understand technical competence is no substitute for personal character.
Teamwork:We notice what needs to be done, and we get it done.
Independence & Innovation:We keep an open mind.
Family:We have fun at work.
Relationships:We take responsibility for our actions.
Stewardship:We live here. We make our decisions with that in mind.
Teamwork:We celebrate successes.
Family:We help our customers achieve their goals.
Independence & Innovation:We find innovative solutions to help customers succeed.
Relationships:We deliver difficult news face to face.
Teamwork:We are accountable to one another.
Relationships:We consider the impact our communication has on others.
Teamwork:We help each other grow and succeed.
Relationships:We build relationships that are based on strong character, mutual loyalty, trust, and respect.
Family:We do what is right and focus on long-term success.
Teamwork:We are in the relationship business, not the transaction business.
Relationships:We know it is important to do things right, but it is more important to do the right thing.
Stewardship:We share our ideas, time, talent, and treasures to makes our communities a better place to live.
Relationships:We keep our word.
Family:We treat our customers with compassion and understanding.
Teamwork:We believe service excellence is everyone’s responsibility.
Independence & Innovation:We deliver excellent value for a fair return.
Relationships:We respect and protect confidentiality.
Teamwork:In all things, we act with integrity.
Relationships:We protect, build, and enhance the reputation of our bank.
Independence and Innovation:We understand that our decisions impact future generations.
Relationships:We understand that our success depends on the success of our communities.
Teamwork:We are totally committed to our FIRST Values.
Relationships:We are actively involved in the communities we serve.
Independence & Innovation:We champion initiatives and services that benefit our communities.