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S1 E10
November 12, 2020
16 Mins

Is Value Investing Broken?

The FAANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) have been leading the stock market after COVID-19. While they might seem like a sure thing, Adam and guest Matt Adamson discuss how you should view them over the long term.
S1 E9
October 9, 2020
14 Mins

8 Steps to Managing Your Money Better

Budgeting, investing, and saving can be a lot to think about, especially when you have no clue how to get started.
S1 E8
September 2, 2020
21 Mins

Small Business Success with Jodi Schwan

We love seeing entrepreneurs' dreams come true and being a part of their journeys. Adam sits down with Jodi Schwan, founder and owner of SiouxFalls.Business, to discuss money habits, investing, and the success of her small business.
S1 E7
August 6, 2020
22 Mins

Estate Planning 101

Adam and FNB's Legal Manager, Joe Dylla, break down the basics of estate planning. Learn to navigate your way through wills, trusts, and powers of attorney so you can prevent some possible family feuds in the future.
S1 E6
July 7, 2020
12 Mins

Warren Buffett’s Billion-Dollar Secrets

Each year, reporters ask Warren Buffett the same question: How should we be investing our money? The response might surprise you. Adam breaks it down and offers practices you can use in your own investing!
S1 E5
May 22, 2020
12 Mins

So, You Want To Be A Millionaire?

So, you want to be a millionaire, huh? Well, lucky for you, Adam is breaking down how you can save $1 million by the time you’re 65. Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, or 40s, learn how much you need to save each month and what you’ll need to do to reach that goal!
S1 E4
April 22, 2020
15 Mins

Money and Marriage

You’ve probably heard that money is the number one cause of divorce. On this episode Adam and his wife, Diane, discuss this topic and offer some steps you can take to manage money in your marriage.
S1 E3
March 3, 2020
12 Mins

7 Ways to Accomplish Your Financial Resolutions

Was your New Year’s resolution to get in better financial shape for 2020? If you’re like 80% of resolution-makers, you’ve probably abandoned that resolution. Adam has seven steps you can take to get back on track.
S1 E2
February 5, 2020
6 Mins

Putting Yourself First

Adam talks about why you should prioritize saving for your retirement over paying for your kids’ college. Doesn’t sound right, does it? Learn why you should be investing in yourself before worrying about others (your kids).
S1 E1
January 9, 2020
10 Mins

Keeping Up With The Joneses

Have you ever heard the expression, “Keeping up with the Joneses?” In our first episode of Common Cents on the Prairie, Chief Wealth Management Officer Adam Cox, dives into who the Joneses are and talks about some facts that just may surprise you.
S2 E10
September 9, 2021
23 Mins

How We Money: Money and Marriage Pt. 2

Ever wonder how other people handle their money? Us, too! We’re launching a new series on Common Cents on the Prairie called, “How We Money.” We’ll explore how other people deal with their personal finances, set goals, what they struggle with, and what they’ve gotten right. This first episode, we dive into a financial Q&A […]
S2 E9
August 9, 2021
42 Mins

How Your Behavior Impacts Your Investing

So, you’re just getting into the finance game. You do your own trading on your apps. You’re always watching the markets, looking for the next big thing. It might seem like you’ve found a way to make your own money, with no need for paying an advisor. But when it comes to maximizing your returns, […]
S2 E8
July 13, 2021
24 Mins

Should I Buy A Home Right Now?

Waiving inspections? Paying with cash? Offering way more than asking price? The housing market is getting crazier by the day. So if you’re thinking about buying a home right now, there are a few things to consider. In this episode, Adam is joined by FNBSF Mortgage Manager, Ryan Dean, and Danielle Konechne, a broker with […]
S2 E7
June 7, 2021
50 Mins

How to Become the Best Investor

Cryptocurrencies? Meme investing? Gambling? A lot has changed over the last year, making it even more confusing on what investors should do. Adam and Paul Lehman, Head of Bank Trust Group at Dimensional Fund Advisors, talk about how you can best navigate through all the noise.
S2 E6
May 19, 2021
37 Mins

Do I Have the Wrong Type of Life Insurance?

Life insurance is one of the most important decisions we can make financially, but it can be hard to understand. Adam is joined by Jeff Zander, CEO of Zander Insurance (the only insurance company recommended by Dave Ramsey), to discuss the differences between cash value and term life insurance, and also how you can pick […]
S2 E5
April 14, 2021
43 Mins

Kids and Money

Have you talked to your kids about money? If you haven’t yet, you’ll love this episode. If you have, we probably have some new tips for you. Adam is joined by Nathan Dungan, Founder and President of Save Share Spend, a firm with a mission of helping families develop healthy money habits. Together they’re discussing […]
S2 E4
March 12, 2021
42 Mins

Not All Financial Advisors Are Created Equal

When you're choosing the person in charge of your finances, you'll want to make sure you ask the right questions.
S2 E3
February 16, 2021
23 Mins

Small Changes, Big Results

In this episode, Adam and FNB's Wealth Advisory Manager, Don Rahn, talk about effective money goals that can actually help make a difference this year.
S2 E2
January 13, 2021
34 Mins

The Psychology of Money

Is personal finance more personal than finance? In this episode, learn more about the behavioral side of money as Adam chats with Morgan Housel, the author of "The Psychology of Money."
S2 E1
December 9, 2020
30 Mins

Financial Therapy

Dive into a financial therapy session and learn how to understand your money better. This episode, Adam is joined by financial therapist Derek Hagen talk financial health, behavior, and money mindfulness.
S3 E10
June 9, 2022
42 Mins

Raising Financially Successful Kids

When it comes to kids and money, you can’t count on a high school personal finance class to teach them everything they need to know. Hear from CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™️ Bobbi Rebell on why 79% of parents are providing financial support to their adult children and how to raise financially successful kids instead.
S3 E9
May 12, 2022
26 Mins

Your Money Questions Answered

Do you have questions about tackling student loan debt, funding your child’s college education, or paying off your mortgage early? So do a lot of other people! On this episode, Adam and Wealth Advisory Manager Don Rahn answer common questions we’ve received from viewers about personal finance.
S3 E8
April 14, 2022
33 Mins

Catching Up With the Joneses (ft. Rachel Cruze)

Has social media made comparison culture worse? Adam sits down with Rachel Cruze, a personality at Ramsey Solutions, financial expert, and bestselling author, to answer that question and discuss one of our favorite topics: keeping up with the Joneses.
S3 E7
March 24, 2022
29 Mins

It’s Time to Have the Money Talk

Have you had the money talk with your partner, your kids, or your friends yet? If not, then here’s your sign — and if you don’t know where to start, then here’s your guide. Adam meets with Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, a wealth psychology expert and author of Breaking Money Silence®, to discuss shattering the money […]
S3 E6
March 10, 2022
45 Mins

How We Money: Finding Financial Freedom

The Kittelsons have made a lot of sacrifices to achieve financial freedom, like selling some pretty important possessions. Adam sits down with Sioux Falls residents Heather, foundation director at Volunteers of America, and Amos, owner and president of Sidewalk Technologies, to discuss their journey to finding financial freedom.
S3 E5
February 10, 2022
35 Mins

5 Secrets to Successful Investing

To be a successful investor, you need to know the tricks of the trade — like not trading too much. In this episode, Adam and guest Sarah Madison outline the five secrets of successful investors and explain how you can apply them to your own portfolio.
S3 E4
January 13, 2022
45 Mins

Retirement Planning is More Than Just Numbers

Retirement can be exciting — or scary — depending on your circumstances. In this episode, Adam and financial advisor Roger Whitney talk about steps you can take to prepare for retirement and how to reap the rewards in the long run.
S3 E3
December 9, 2021
23 Mins

How We Money: Married With Debt

Climbing out of debt is anything but fun, and it takes a lot of sacrifices. On this How We Money episode, Adam sits down with Eric and Laryssa Fahrendorf to talk about the struggles of paying off student loan debt together and setting financial goals along the way.
S3 E2
November 11, 2021
20 Mins

In the Spirit of Giving

With the year-end fast approaching, now is the perfect time to discuss charitable giving. To help you as you prepare to make holiday donations to your favorite charities, Adam sits down with Andy Patterson, president of the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation. On this episode, they discuss making charitable gifts during the holiday season, and […]
S3 E1
October 13, 2021
26 Mins

The Secret to Becoming a Millionaire

When people hear the word “millionaire,” they think of luxury cars, designer clothes, big houses, and yachts. In reality, your next-door neighbor could be a millionaire. If you play your cards right, you could be too. On this episode, Adam sits down with Dr. Sarah Stanley Fallaw, coauthor of The Next Millionaire Next Door. In their discussion, […]
S4 E10
April 13, 2023
47 Mins

Financial Hacks for Young Professionals

As a young professional, you probably have more questions about money than digits in your account balance. When should I pay off debt? How much should I be saving? Can I still have fun with my money? Adam and financial wellness advocate Bobbi Rebell share their financial hacks for these topics and more.
S4 E9
March 9, 2023
41 Mins

How We Money: Faith in Finances

Craig Snyder is the CEO of VIKOR Telecommunications and founder of Pomegranate Market in Sioux Falls. Kristin Snyder is a stay-at-home mom and CFO — chief family officer. Together, they’ve tackled challenges in family, business, and finances through one guiding force: faith. Here’s how they money.
S4 E8
February 9, 2023
8 Mins

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Market Certainty

There are three things in life that are certain: death, taxes, and stock market uncertainty. So, before you make the mistake of trying to predict future market conditions, implement Adam’s four strategies for staying level-headed when things inevitably go sideways.
S4 E7
January 12, 2023
35 Mins

How We Money: Taking Turns Chasing Your Dreams

Karen and Mike Bankowski both have an entrepreneurial spirit, but raising two kids while building their businesses requires balance (and money). These high school sweethearts get honest about juggling work and family, surviving the effects of COVID on small businesses, and funding the passions that became their livelihoods.
S4 E6
December 8, 2022
42 Mins

Taking Stock on Money, Happiness, and Dying Regrets

The value of compound experiences, the continuum of YOLO versus deferred gratification, and the fallacy of enough — Dr. Jordan Grumet has learned a lot from his dying patients about money, happiness, and end-of-life regrets. What are these concepts, and how can they help us find meaning outside of money?
S4 E5
November 10, 2022
39 Mins

Should We Just Keep Buying?

Regardless of market conditions, should we just keep buying? Nick Maggiulli, chief operating officer and data scientist at Ritholtz Wealth Management, has a lot to say on the subject — like how continuing to invest even in unfavorable markets will bring you financial success in the long run.
S4 E4
October 13, 2022
32 Mins

How We Money: The Messy Middle

Most of what Erika and Tyler Tordsen know about money, they taught themselves. Now — with two careers, two kids, and two dogs — these college sweethearts are learning how to navigate life in the messy middle. From paying down debt to passing down good financial habits to their kids, here’s how they money.
S4 E3
September 8, 2022
35 Mins

How to Have “the Talk” With Your Parents

Your parents might be approaching the age when you need to have “the talk” with them. Cameron Huddleston, an award-winning personal finance journalist and author of Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk, has some tips on how to have that “talk” with your parents…about money, of course!
S4 E2
August 11, 2022

How to Change Your Money Destiny

Money is the leading stressor in the lives of 63% of Americans. But, what if it didn’t have to be? Dr. John Delony, a bestselling author and Ramsey Solutions personality, is here to tell you how owning your past financial trauma can help change your money destiny and reduce your stress for good.
S4 E1
July 14, 2022

4 Strategies for Navigating a Market Downturn

Not long ago, the markets were at all-time highs. Now we’re in a market downturn, inflation is at its highest in 40 years, and interest rates are rising. But don’t panic! Adam and Trust Investments Manager Kyle Cipperley have strategies to help you navigate this downturn — and maybe even take advantage of it.
S5 E1
May 11, 2023
47 Mins

How We Money: Overcoming the Odds

Our first ever live podcast recording is full of deep emotion, plenty of laughs, and a lot of heart. From surviving on government assistance programs to taking loans from their 10-year-old son, here’s how Dell Rapids, SD, couple Jenn and Mike Reecy overcame all odds — and how they money.