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You’ve moved beyond the uncertainty of start-up, past friends and family financing and maybe your first loan or line of credit, and now you’re ready to accelerate into your next phase as a business owner.

How do you scale your business and reach more customers? What are the right investments to make and when? And how can you recruit and retain the best people to make your business vision a reality?

We’ve grown businesses in Sioux Falls since 1885 and our professionals know what it takes to help you achieve your vision. From the ROI of adding new employees to the financing of large equipment or infrastructure, we can walk you through everything you need to know to dream big and start doing.

Business Feature

Unexpectedly at the age of 29, Shelley Koch found herself taking over the family trucking business. Over the past 2 decades, K&J Trucking has continued to grow, but it hasn't come without hard work.

"I don't believe in any business, especially the trucking business, that you ever let your guard down. Business is tough, so you have to be on your game every day." - Shelley Koch, President

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