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First National Wealth Management Launches ‘Common Cents on the Prairie’ Podcast

First National Wealth Management Launches ‘Common Cents on the Prairie’ Podcast

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Should I be saving for my retirement or my kids’ college? How should I be handling finances in my marriage? How can my friend always afford to take trips, have a new car, and the latest and greatest of everything, and not be broke?

When it comes to managing our money, often, there are more questions than answers.

First National Wealth Management is trying to change that. The Wealth Management arm of The First National Bank in Sioux Falls has launched the first financial education podcast in the Sioux Falls area. The podcast, called “Common Cents on the Prairie,” is working to break through the noise in the financial services industry and give listeners insightful content to inspire positive changes in their finances.

FNB’s Chief Wealth Management Officer, Adam Cox, is the host of the podcast. He has a 12-year background in the financial services industry, as well as an extensive education. He holds a degree in business from USD, a law degree from the University of St. Thomas, and an M.B.A from the University of Notre Dame. Since joining FNB in 2016, he has used his education and experience to lead the First National Wealth Management team, one of the top wealth management firms in the region.

“The financial service industry is often fraught with misinformation because, regrettably, a misinformed client is a profitable client,” Cox said. “We want our clients to be able to understand whatever it is we’re helping them with, and this podcast is another way we can do that.”

First National released the first episode on January 15. Titled “Keeping up with the Joneses,” the episode takes a deep dive into this popular phrase that epitomizes the comparisons we make when it comes to our finances and socioeconomic status. The discussion looks at who the figurative “Joneses” really are and what they might actually be hiding behind their seemingly perfect life. As it turns out, everything might not be as perfect financially as it looks for the family that seems to have it all.

Common Cents on the Prairie will release monthly episodes, discussing all things personal finance: from marriage and money to looking at saving for retirement versus saving for your kids’ college. The podcast will also feature guests, including members of the First National Wealth Management team, local experts, and more.

“This podcast is our chance to share some of our passions and help make your money work for you,” Cox said. “We’ll be focusing on timely, relevant, and thought-provoking financial advice and interesting content.”

The First National Wealth Management team is taking suggestions for topics to cover on the podcast. You can share your suggestion on the Common Cents on the Prairie page of FNB’s website. You can find the podcast there or wherever you stream podcasts. You can also subscribe to be notified when new episodes are released.

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