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ATM Updates

ATM Updates

Did you know The First National Bank in Sioux Falls owns The Advantage Network? Well, we do! The Advantage Network offers debit card services, card production, and ATM services to other financial institutions. Currently, the Advantage Network services 30 ATMs in the city of Sioux Falls.

Over the past few months, Advantage ATMs have been updated with some great new features. Here are a few of the new ways you can get your cash.

Fast Cash

This new feature allows you to get the amount of cash you need by simply selecting any multiple of $20.

Bill Mix

Picking the mix of bills you’d like is easy with the new Bill Mix feature. You now have the option of how many $20 bills and/or $5 bills you would like.


The next time you’re at an ATM to grab some cash, you won’t need to press the last two zeros when entering the amount. For example, instead of pressing 2-0-0-0 for $20.00, all you need to do is press 2-0 and the machine will automatically fill in the last two zeros.

If you have any questions about using an ATM at one of our branch locations during normal business hours, any of the tellers or bankers will be happy to assist you.




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