Adam Cox


Executive Vice President and Chief Wealth Management Officer

Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD
Education: University of South Dakota; University of St. Thomas; University of Notre Dame

Born in Presho and raised in Sioux Falls, I appreciate the South Dakota culture and sense of community in the area. I ventured through the Midwest to earn my bachelor’s from USD, my JD from the St. Thomas School of Law, and my MBA from Notre Dame.

Since, I’ve devoted my entire professional career to the field of wealth management.

In early 2016, I joined the Bank family as an Executive Team member and the head of Wealth Management, and in 2020 I began hosting our Common Cents on the Prairie™ podcast.

I chose to work at First National because of the way they treated me as a customer growing up and, in turn, the profound impact those experiences had on my career path.

Getting the opportunity to work here brings everything full circle for me; it’s like coming home.

As the proud father of two active daughters, I no longer have any hobbies outside of work. And if you want to know about me and my wife, Diane, you can watch us bare our souls on the podcast episode “How We Money: Money and Marriage”!


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