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Personal Mobile Deposit Updates

Personal Mobile Deposit Updates

We know life can be crazy, but that’s why we’re always working to help make your life easier. The mobile deposit feature in our app is a quick, easy way to deposit your checks with the snap of a picture. Enroll in online banking and download our app to make your first deposit using your Apple or Android device. Here are a few other resources and tips that might help you along the way.

New Mobile Deposit Confirmation Email

Now, after you make your mobile deposit, you’ll receive an email letting you know if it was accepted or if there was an issue with the deposit. The email also will contain a unique ID for the mobile deposit, as well as information about how to contact us about it if you have questions. Reasons a mobile deposit might be rejected include:

  • An improperly endorsed check – we are required to verify that checks deposited through mobile deposit contain the appropriate endorsement. Checks should be endorsed with the customer’s signature and “For mobile deposit only at FNBSF.” If that endorsement is not included, the deposit may be sent back to be corrected.
  • The amount entered and the amount of the check do not match – when you make a mobile deposit in the app, you are required to enter the amount of the deposit. If the amount you enter and the amount on the check do not match, we will need you to correct it.
  • Attempting to deposit a check into the wrong account or into an account you’re not authorized on.

Mobile Deposit Q&A

Whether you’re a first-timer or you’ve done lots of mobile deposits, we want to make sure your mobile deposits are made securely and correctly. You can read more about how to make a mobile deposit in our Mobile Deposit Q&A.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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