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Building Successful Relationships Starts with a Building

Building Successful Relationships Starts with a Building

We take building successful relationships very seriously, especially the ‘building’ part.

From individuals to families to business owners, we’ve been the banking partner for Sioux Falls for nearly 135 years. A big part of serving our customers is the buildings we’re located in. We’re excited to share some upcoming updates to our Downtown building, as well as updates we’ve made to a few of our branches.

Coming soon: a new look for Downtown

Our Downtown location at the corner of 9th St. and Phillips Ave. was completed in 1976. The building’s structure is strong, covered in an exterior brick shell. At the time of construction, builders used a particular bricklaying technique near the window areas. Builders no longer use this type of exterior construction, so our team of architects, engineers, and contractors recommended that we remove these sections of brick.

Think of it like taking the siding off of the outside of your house. Removing these sections of brick will help us increase our building’s exterior longevity and energy efficiency, too.

Making these improvements to the outside of our building has opened the door for more opportunities to change the look of our Downtown location. Bob Baker, Vice President and FNB’s Director of Corporate Affairs, is a fourth-generation member of the Baker family who helped found the Bank in 1885. As Bill Baker, Bob’s first cousin, steps down from his role as CEO at the end of this year, Bob will continue to be the voice of the Baker family and shareholders.

“We are currently working on a fresh exterior design that will incorporate some of the original brick along with significant updates,” Bob said. “We have always loved the look and feel of our existing building and expect to keep some of the same original elements going forward with the new design.”

We’ve been reinvesting in the Sioux Falls community since our beginnings. We will continue to support Sioux Falls, but with a new, fresh face in the heart of Downtown.

“We now have an opportunity to perform a study of potential renovations to the interior and exterior of the building,” Phil Johnson, FNB’s head of facilities said. “While the Bank has changed a lot over the years, our building hasn’t. It’s time to start thinking about making some changes to reflect that.”

Here’s what you can expect during the brick removal phase of our building updates:

  • The start date of the project is Monday, October 14 and is estimated to last 8 weeks.
  • Bricks will be removed on the east, north, and west sides of the building, beginning on the east side, then moving to the west, and finishing with the north.
  • All sections of sidewalk adjacent to these sides of the building will be closed at the start of construction and gradually reopened as work is completed. Foot traffic will be diverted across Phillips Ave.
  • One eastbound lane of 9th St. along the north side of the building will be closed for the duration of the project.
  • The front entrance to the Bank will be closed but will be reopened once the adjacent brick removal is completed. Customers can enter the Bank through the First Financial Center entrance along Phillips Ave., which will be unaffected.

A sign of the times: branch locations get remodels, new signs

Not only is our Downtown branch getting a facelift, but some of our branches have, too!

The city of Flandreau celebrated their sesquicentennial (that’s 150 years of being a city!) in July. We wanted to join the celebration by giving our Flandreau branch some fresh paint, new furniture and floor coverings, and a multimedia gallery wall displaying our FIRST values. We’re so thankful for the years we’ve been a part of the Flandreau community, and we’re excited for many more to come.

We’ve been Baltic’s community partner since 1979 and wanted to celebrate our 40-year anniversary with a complete remodel. We gave the branch a whole new look with a new floor plan, a multimedia gallery wall, and new paint and floor coverings. We’re looking forward to another 40 years (and then some) of being a part of the Baltic community.

We’re currently upgrading our signs at all branch locations. Take a drive by our Western Mall, 57th St., Brandon, (and soon Benson Road) locations and you’ll see our new signs, which have helped mark our locations with a clean, modern look. We even learned our new signs are tornado-proof, after the sign at our Western Mall branch was untouched by the tornados that struck the area on September 10.

Our buildings are changing, but the work we do inside – like bringing our customers innovative banking and financial serviceswill stay the same. We will keep putting our customers FIRST as we explore how to make banking easier and better for our communities.


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