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Beginning March 19, all Bank lobbies will be closed. For more details, see our latest COVID-19 blog update from our President & CEO Chris Ekstrum.

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Brandon's only locally owned bank

First National Bank

Brandon's only locally owned bank

We’re more than a bank in Brandon. We’re a bank committed to the communities we serve; communities like Brandon.

We’ve recently partnered with the Brandon Valley Area Chamber of Commerce to showcase how we’ve made investments in the Brandon community as Brandon’s only locally owned bank.

But we are more than just a bank with a branch in Brandon. Our employees do more than just work in Brandon. We volunteer here, we shop here, and our families live here. That’s why we’re committed to reinvesting in the people who live here.

Through our Community Card program First National Bank has donated more than $60,000 to the Brandon Valley School District since 2012. We also donated our former branch location to the Brandon Valley School District (which is now the District’s central office) when we moved locations. We stepped up to the plate and partnered with the Brandon Area Baseball Association to build one of the finest baseball fields in the state of South Dakota: First National Bank Field

Brandon is just one of the communities we serve. Our 18 branch locations serve their customers and their communities with pride because that’s who we are. We’re here for your family, for your four-legged furry friends, and we’re here for all of your banking needs.

Watch our video with the Brandon Valley Area Chamber of Commerce to see how we’re a bank that gives back.

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