Somboon Jaiharn-Hamel

Institutional Trust Officer

Somboon is responsible for the administration of institutional trust accounts. She grew up in Chiang Mai, Thailand, went to Augustana University, and has continued her education by taking investment and trust administrator classes.

Having now been in the field for more than 20 years, Somboon has seen the industry change and evolve. “Each year, I feel like I enjoy my coworkers and customers even more. I love being able to help my customers reach their goals, whatever those might be.”

She says the people she knew that worked here were always telling her what a great place First National Bank was to work at. “Now having worked here, I couldn’t agree more!”

Somboon’s support system includes her husband and sons. Outside of work, she enjoys practicing yoga, shopping, and reading. Somboon also volunteers with Children’s Home Society.