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Student checking: The financial secret weapon for parents

Student checking: The financial secret weapon for parents

Raising kids and teens is already hard enough without having to worry about teaching them financial literacy.

Not to mention that as busy parents, you’re likely bombarded on the regular with fancy fintechs and cool new apps claiming they can help you teach your children good money habits.

But when it comes to raising financially successful kids, you can never go wrong with doing things the way parents have for years — and perhaps even the way you were taught to manage money.

Here’s why a Student Checking account from First National Bank is actually the secret weapon for you and your family:

There are no maintenance fees, service charges, or subscription tiers

Because your child’s financial success should never cost you or them extra.

Unlike with certain apps and fintechs, there’s no additional charge or subscription fee to use a Student Checking account every month, meaning that money can go to more important things like a family vacation or your child’s first car.

The spending limits are customizable

Setting custom spending limits on your child’s account is the best way to teach them good financial habits from the get-go.

By choosing how much they can spend, you’ll have peace of mind that your child isn’t eating lunch at McDonald’s every day or making $100 impulse purchases.

And if you decide at some point that you’d like the limit increased — like if you’re going on vacation and want your child to have access to some extra cash — all it takes is a quick phone call to the Bank to have it changed.

It’s easy to set up alerts and monitor your child’s account

ATM withdrawal for $20? You’ll know when and where. Video game purchase for $60? You’ll know what for.

With the ability to monitor your child’s account activity and stay on top of their spending habits, it becomes that much easier for you to have deeper conversations with them about money. Plus, you can monitor their account balance, keep an eye out for the risk of overdrafts, and so much more — and you can set up alerts for it all.

Whether you prefer a text, an email, a notification through the FNBSF Mobile App, or all of the above, account alerts let you know the instant your child swipes their card.

Recurring money transfers are simple, seamless, and take just a few clicks

Whether you’re paying your child’s allowance or rewarding them for straight A’s, all it takes is a few taps to transfer money from your FNB account to theirs.

And if you regularly move funds to your child’s account, you can automate the process by setting up recurring transfers; that way, you don’t have to waste your time sending money manually.

Side note: Money transfers are also a great option to help your child avoid an overdraft when you notice that their account balance is running low! We have an alert to help you out with that, too.

A Student Checking account leads to financial success

When you sign up for a Student Checking account at First National Bank, you and your child get access to our experienced Personal Bankers and 18 convenient locations, equipping your child with the resources they need to build and maintain good money habits.

That’s just one more reason a Student Checking account is the financial secret weapon for your family — because when it comes to teaching your kids about money, you shouldn’t have to go it alone.

And we’ll be with you every step of the way. Learn more about our Student Checking account here, or visit a branch to get started today!

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