Framework Investment Portfolios

Absolute Transparency, Simple Fee Structure

Framework Investment Portfolios

The perfect way to start planning for your financial future:
Framework Portfolios from First National Wealth Management.

Each adheres to the principles of diversified investing, discipline in good times and bad, and focused on what we can control—like minimizing fees and taxes. Framework Portfolios are a perfect way to put your Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, or investment account to work with an investment strategy that’s right for you.


Our Portfolios

Our Framework Portfolios are six investment strategies classified by risk tolerance relative to investment time horizon. They’re designed to help simplify the complex. Each portfolio is a managed mix of stock funds, bond funds, and cash in percentages aligned with its strategy.

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Our Approach to Relationships

Our Approach to Relationships

We start all of our relationships by asking questions. The better we understand your needs and goals, the better we can recommend a Framework Portfolio that’s right for you.

A Wealth Management Experience For Accounts of Any Size

We are Credentialed Professionals who are responsible only to you. We are fiduciaries, legally bound to put your interests ahead of our own. It means that we provide you with unbiased investment advice and a curated selection of investment options. Our fees are simply linked to the size of your account, not your transactions or fund selection.

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