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The Values Chapter

The Values Chapter

We live by our motto: “We build successful relationships.”

The entire organization expands together, meaning we honor a commitment to growth where no one gets left behind.

How do we do this? As a team who finds the right spot, right now, for everyone.

Accountability to High Standards

Ultimately, our standards are our FIRST Values. They are simple, clear, time-tested, and predict continued flourishing.

Our commitment to the family is to hold ourselves accountable to those ideas. To live them out with the knowledge they apply to each of us. None of us is exempt or above them.

Like Orrin Anderson handing our now–President and CEO a snow shovel and a bag of salt on his first day at work, there’s no reason we can’t scrape the sidewalk together.

No one positions themselves above anyone else. While there is organizational hierarchy for efficiency and productivity, titles are not our measure of worth.

You will see this modeled by executives, board members, and shareholders alike.

We hold each other in high regard and strive to live up to our family’s shared standards.

The Fundamentals of High-Performance Teams

Teamwork begins with a core principle we call the assumption of positive intent.

At First National Bank, we always believe people are coming from a place that is rooted in our FIRST Values. This means we don’t expend emotional energy trying to suss out people’s intentions.

Every day, we live out our FIRST Values as a team:


We’ve outlined how remaining a family for more than 135 years has allowed us to weather the greatest storms our country has seen.

The Crisis Chapter

Independence & Innovation

We’ve explored the direct connection between independence and innovation, and how our ability to write our own futures allows us to set the pace for what a world-class financial institution should look like.

The Advantage Chapter


We’ve seen why we’re better together and how building successful relationships is the engine of our enduring success.

The Business Chapter


We’ve taken a snapshot of the incredible impact we’ve made on our communities through our collective giving of time, talent, and treasure.

The Dolly Chapter


Now, we look at the foundations of the high-performance teams we are part of — here’s what makes us tick.

The Reputation Chapter
Becoming FIRST: The surprising history of The First National Bank in Sioux Falls

In 1976, a construction crew stood, hands on hips and squinting into the sun, wondering how on earth they were going to lower the 10,000-pound

Becoming FIRST: The Reputation Chapter

Imagine it’s 1885 in Sioux Falls and you’re about to board a train for Chicago.

Becoming FIRST: The Dolly Chapter

We give back to our communities in three primary ways: time, talent, and treasure.

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