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Farmers ‘N Bankers

Featured Series

The Farmers ‘N Bankers Program is a unique, educational opportunity to work and learn alongside The First National Bank in Sioux Falls’ Ag Lending Team and Executive Team, including the Chief Credit Officer and the President. You will learn valuable takeaways during 5 sessions, including the ins-and-outs of farm financials, the importance of succession planning, […]


4 Non-Profits to Receive $2,500

FAQsFor the fifth year in a row, we are gifting $2,500 checks to the 4 most mentioned non-profits on our social media pages. That’s a total of $10,000! Nominations can be made November 8 – December 8 using the hashtag #FNBGiveFirst on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Include the reason(s) your organization is most deserving of […]

Kayser Ag Story

Kayser Ag Story

Josh Kayser

“It’s been worth it every day. I want the ability to make my way and write my own story and leave my own legacy; farming was a way I could see writing my own story.” #StopDreamingStartDoing Listen to 4th generation farmer, father, and banker Josh Kayser as he writes his own story through the challenges […]

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Ask A Trust Officer

October Market Crashes

Dear Trust Officer: “Should I be worrying about a stock market crash in October?” —Student of Financial History Dear Student: There is a common misunderstanding that October is a dangerous month for stocks. The great crash of 1929 was in October, as was the Panic of 1907; these events may have planted the seed. The […]

Fertility and Profitability

Fertility and Profitability

with Josh Kayser, Ag Banker

One of the tasks you should tackle this fall is one that could pay huge dividends and that you might not readily think about. Yes, greasing the combine is important, but yearly soil sampling can end up being the foundation on which you can begin building your plans for the upcoming year. And, the best […]

Insuring Your Success

with Tyler Urban, Crop Insurance Specialist

As you get ready to hop into your combine this fall, it’s an opportune time to reflect back on the past summer. We experienced many challenges in our region this growing season ranging from excess spring moisture in certain areas to persistent drought in others. Unfortunately, pastures across South Dakota also took a beating. And, […]

Q&A with Jon Nelson, Nelson Farming

What’s Growing with Jon Nelson

Q&A with the Driving Force behind Nelson Farming

At age 65, Jon’s father was ready to retire. But, with a full-scale farming operation under his care, he had to make sure his son was willing to take over. Jon remembers it well. “I said probably the two most foolish words in my entire life, and that was, ‘No problem.’ At 29, I don’t […]

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Ask A Trust Officer

Will Low Interest Rates Continue?

Dear Trust Officer: “I’m so tired of these low interest rates. Can we expect another uptick sometime soon? Earlier this year, there was talk of one more bump before the end of the year.” —Cautious Saver Dear Cautious: I’m afraid you may have to get used to disappointment. Many observers did expect another interest rate […]

Fraud Mini-Series

Charity Fraud

Fraud Mini-Series

In the midst of natural disasters around our country, people naturally want to help. If you receive a call or email claiming to direct your dollars to those who need it, how can you tell if the charity is legitimate or a scam? Charity Fraud Click the button to read about how you can protect […]

‘The Hopes and Promise of Children’

Co-founders of Baan Dek Montessori, June and Bobby George

It’s been more than a century since Maria Montessori developed her unique approach to education. Although anyone can teach her method, Baan Dek, founded by June and Bobby George, is the first and only accredited Montessori school in the state of South Dakota. Ten years ago, June and Bobby sketched out their vision for Baan […]