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Business Consulting & Improvement

A bank that’s a credit line is a commodity. You need a partner who can help you think about smart growth, efficiency, and better customer and employee outcomes. That partner should be a trusted adviser and bring the best thinkers and do-ers to your business to help it achieve your growth goals.

Our Business Bankers aren’t content just writing loans – they’re active minds who are proactive in helping you manage expenses, identify growth opportunities, and discover niches that you didn’t know could help your business thrive. They’re hubs that can connect your business to the right resource at the right time, no matter your needs.

Contact our Business Banking professionals today to discover how they can grow your business with the best partner consulting in the region. We’ve been doing something right for our business partners for the past 135+ years!

New Business Development

When you’re considering growing your business, we want that growth to be smart for you, your family, and your employees. Buying new equipment, expanding your business in a new location or with a new building, or taking on a new product or service line is a big decision.

Our team has been there with hundreds of clients and we know the right questions to ask, when to ask them, and how to help you assess the market for growth. We also aren’t afraid to tell you what you and your business need to hear – and it isn’t always pretty.

Retirement Planning

Our Business Bankers – in collaboration with our Wealth Management Team – can create custom-tailored retirement plans for you and your valued employees.

Retirement savings, stock options in your business, and benefits planning are keys to keeping your best people and helping you prepare for your business’s growth or transition.

We’re here with the most experienced team in the region to make retirement planning easier and better.

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