Transition Your Business

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Transition Your Business

"As a 5th generation family business ourselves, we've both navigated and helped countless other businesses navigate the challenges of generational transition, valuation and acquisition, and sale. Buying, selling, or managing the assets from a sale, with us as a partner, means working with the most experienced financial institution in the region."

- Bob Baker, Senior Vice President & Director of Corporate Affairs

Buying a Business

You've worked for years learning the ins and outs of a business that you love or you're taking a leap into a new business opportunity. Buying a business can mean accruing shares to build equity over time or it can mean a cash sale. It means having your financials in order and knowing the value of your investment in a new business and planning for business growth under your leadership and ownership. Our team knows how to help you plan over time or today to purchase a business and make it your own.

Selling a Business

Your hard work has paid off, and it's time to move on to your next venture or your next life. We will help you properly value your business, connect you with our network of trusted professionals, and make the sale as smooth and easy as possible. We'll ensure that you are receiving our expert advice and the best price for your hard work, whether you're succession planning with an employee or being acquired by a third party.

Managing Your Assets

Your years of hard work have paid off, and you've sold your business. It's time to find a new venture and new life opportunities for you and your family. Managing your assets and making smart decisions with your finances will ensure that whatever you dream, you can do it. Our Business Bankers will collaborate closely with you and our Wealth Management team to transition you to a successful client relationship. So you can live your best life and preserve your business's financial legacy for generations to come.

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Plan, transition, and enjoy the hard work you’ve put into your business. Contact our Business Banking team today to put you and your business on a successful transition path.

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