Receive alerts whenever activity occurs in your account


We have numerous alerts available for withdrawals, deposits, low balance, and more. If you have questions on what you can get alerts on, you can give our customer service team a call at (605) 335-5200.


Additional Information

What information will the notification include? It will show the transaction and your new available balance but will not include any sensitive account information.

How do you create, delete, or modify a notification? Once you have logged on to Online Banking, you can set up a new alert or view, edit, or delete an existing alert by clicking on Alerts and then clicking on Messenger. All messages will be set up as Recurring with the exception of the check tracker notification. Each time the event is fulfilled, a message will be sent to you.

What information is required to set up a notification? All notifications require some of the same information – the account number, how often to check for new activity (the minimum is 1 hour and this is the recommended frequency), and the method for message delivery. Other information may also be required depending on the particular notification.

What types of delivery methods are available? For the method of delivery, specify email, online, or text. If you select online, a message will be sent to you thorough Online Banking. You can check your message box by clicking on Alerts and selecting Messenger to view your alert(s). If you select text, enter your cell phone number and cell phone service provider. Text message limits vary by provider, and your entire message may not be displayed. For assistance with  your cell phone text message address and display limits, contact your cell phone provider.

*Message and data rates may apply.
**If the check is presented for payment without a check number or an incorrect check number, a notification will not be generated.