Account Alerts

Stay in the know

Account Alerts

Never miss a moment when it comes to your money. Customize your preferences to be alerted about your account balance, transaction activity, security events, and more. The best part? You can receive updates about your account activity however you choose:

    1. Text*
    2. Notifications from the FNBSF Mobile or Business Banking App
    3. Email
    4. Secure inbox in Online Banking

Learn more about alerts by viewing our frequently asked questions below, or give our Customer Service team a call.

How can I set up alerts?

You can enable alerts yourself in Online Banking, or have a banker or our Customer Service team do it for you.

What information will the alerts include?

In most cases, the alert will display the transaction type and amount, along with your available balance. It will not include any sensitive account information, only the last four numbers of your account number. You can also choose to be notified about changes to your online banking username or password.

How do you create, delete, or modify an alert?

1. Once you've logged in to Online Banking, you can set up a new alert or view, edit, or delete an existing alert by clicking on Alerts.
2. Click the Alert Options tab. Select which alert you’d like to add or change by clicking the + next to an alert category.
3. After selecting an alert, you can customize how and when you'd like to receive it.

That’s it! Each time you enable an alert, you’ll be notified.

Where can I receive alerts?

Each alert offers the option for you to customize where/how you receive it: via text, app notification, email, or secure inbox. If you select secure inbox, a message will be sent to you thorough Online Banking, which will be visible on the home page of Online Banking, or by clicking Alerts in the upper right corner.

If you select text, enter your cell phone number and cell phone service provider. Text message limits vary by provider, and in some cases, the entire message may not be displayed. For assistance with your cell phone text message address and display limits, contact your cell phone provider.

*Message and data rates may apply.
**If the check is presented for payment without a check number or an incorrect check number, a notification will not be generated.