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Opening the Vault

Want to be friends? Us too! Meet some of our people through our video series “Opening the Vault.” We ask our teammates a round of rapid-fire questions, they think on their toes, and we get to see a more personal side of them. Check it out!

Adam Cox - Chief Wealth Management Officer

Our first episode features Chief Wealth Management Officer, Adam Cox. You may know him as the host of our podcast, Common Cents on the Prairie!

Amy DeYonge - Retirement Plans Specialist

On our second episode, we chat with personal banker Amy DeYonge about her 𝘦𝘹𝘵𝘳𝘢 Starbucks drink and more.

Brian Gilbert - Ag Banking Manager

Ag Banking Manager Brian Gilbert took a break from looking at cattle to chat for our 3rd episode of Opening the Vault.

Chase Hoffman - Mortgage Lender

If Chase Hoffman wasn't famous for being an FNB mortgage lender, what would he be famous for?

Kayla O'Neal - Personal Trust Officer

Personal Trust Officer Kayla O'Neal describes her teen-self in three words and tells us about her biggest pet peeve.

Phil DeGroot - Ag Banker

Ag Banker Phil DeGroot has a strong opinion about the pop he likes to drink.

Jeremy Keckler - Business Banking Manager

Business Banking Manager Jeremy Keckler tries to hold his breath for seven minutes.

Chris Ekstrum - President & CEO

Our President and CEO Chris Ekstrum says he has some weird quirks and is allergic to a favorite sweet treat.

Nick Bentele - Business Banker

Business Banker Nick Bentele's favorite Halloween costume included black spandex and not talking to anyone. Can you guess what it was?

Bri Ridley - Personal Banker

Personal Banker Bri Ridley says she would have the ~best~ time on Mars and tells us about her interior design aspirations.

Marit Moberg - Personal Trust Officer

Personal Trust Officer Marit Moberg has some super famous friends and is amused by just about anything.

Derek Ohme - Business Banker

We asked Business Banker Derek Ohme what his favorite time of day is, he said evenings but we're pretty sure he meant happy hour. See what else he enjoys in this episode of Opening the Vault!

Jenn Reecy - Chief Employee Experience Officer

The coolest thing Chief Employee Experience Officer Jenn Reecy has ever done is fly an F-16. She also isn't the biggest fan of silence. Find out what else she enjoys in our latest episode of Opening the Vault!

Josh Kayser - Ag Banker

Ag Banker Josh Kayser wishes he invented an important item of our history and has some special talents.

Jeff Russell - Chief Banking Officer

Chief Banking Officer Jeff Russell knows some pretty good dad jokes and says he's the least flexible person. See what's on his bucket list and what trend he hopes never makes a comeback.

Teresa Thill - Advantage Network Manager

Advantage Network Manager Teresa Thill loves being outdoors and would spend 10,000 hours mastering one skill. Learn what that skill is and more in this special edition of Opening the Vault!

Scott Speer - Business Banker

Business Banker Scott Speer is skeptical about aliens but is a big fan of Mariah Carey. Find out what scares him and what he'd be famous for.

Maggie Groteluschen - Personal Wealth Manager

Personal Wealth Manager Maggie Groteluschen loves s'mores, but don't even think about giving them to her if they're not totally burnt. She also loves knitting and wants to explore the ocean. Learn some more fun facts about Maggie.

Mark Peterson - Western Mall Branch Manager

Western Mall Branch Manager Mark Peterson loves spending time outside and traveling. He also tells us what national holiday he would create, his ultimate dinner party guest, and more.

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