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Mortgage Scams

The housing market has been the topic of discussion for the last year. Interest rates are low, emotions are high, and scammers are taking advantage. This time they’re sending letters like the one below. The letter claims that you have a time-sensitive matter about your mortgage. Something like your property’s home warranty is about to be expired or is already expired and that you should call them right away. They attempt to play with your emotions by saying this is the “final attempt to notify you,” and to call “immediately,” so you feel a sense of urgency to act on it.

You may be thinking that the letter is from us because it has our bank name and address on it. However, letters like the one below have fine print that say they’re not affiliated with your current mortgage holder. And the company sending it has likely scraped public information to put together this mailing. That’s why it’s important to read everything on the letter carefully. The best course of action is to disregard the letter or any others like it and throw it away.

If you are the target of one of these scams, do not call the number on the letter; instead, call your mortgage lender directly. They can answer any questions that you have and provide you reassurance about your mortgage.

We’re always looking for ways to keep your money safe. Check out our “7 common scams and how to spot them” blog for more trickery to be on the lookout for. Contact us if you have any questions.


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