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Going contactless during COVID-19

Going contactless during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted our day-to-day lives. People began avoiding contact with each other, instead favoring contact with their dogs in the safety of their own homes.

But now that vaccines are readily available and Americans are working towards a return to life as normal, there’s a better way to stay contactless and continue the fight against COVID-19.

Contactless cards

Contactless payment options are now accepted at thousands of merchants across the country. One of the ways you can protect yourself and others against COVID-19 is by using contactless cards. With these cards, you simply tap instead of swiping or inserting it in a machine that’s been used by hundreds of people.

You can tell if your card is contactless by looking for a wave-like symbol — similar to a wi-fi symbol — on the front of your card. For Visa cards, this symbol is located next to the chip.

Not only are contactless cards a safer solution, but they are the quickest and most convenient way to pay. The First National Bank in Sioux Falls began implementing contactless cards in early 2020 and continue to provide this service to customers.

Mobile wallets

Mobile wallets have also gone up in popularity over the last year. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay are more ways you can protect yourself. A digital wallet is a phone app or service that can be used to pay for purchases at participating stores; it’s a great way for you to make purchases without touching frequently used card terminals.

Meanwhile, online shopping has increased with the COVID-19 pandemic. Mobile wallets provide a one-step checkout process which allows you to skip entering a card and billing information, making the transaction seamless and secure. Therefore, when you link your debit card to a mobile wallet, your card information is safe and so are you.

With the Delta variant ramping up across the country, going contactless is a better way to practice safety protocols. To learn more about contactless cards and digital wallets, visit The First National Bank in Sioux Falls website or contact us.


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