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An Easier Way to Switch to FNB


We’ve now made it easier than ever to switch your automatic payments and direct deposits from your previous bank account to FNB. Whether you’ve banked with us for years or you’re a brand new customer, we’re excited to help give you a seamless switching experience.

ClickSWITCH is an automated account switching solution that makes it simple to switch your recurring direct deposits and automatic payments to your account at FNB. It’s convenient, secure, and saves you the time and hassle of updating your bank account information with the companies or organizations you make payments to or receive direct deposits from.

Switching your automatic payments and deposits with ClickSWITCH can be done online from anywhere; all you need to do is enroll at any one of our branch locations with the help of a banker. If you want to start submitting switches at the time of enrollment, bring a bank statement for a listing of your automatic payments and deposits.

Once a banker sets up your ClickSWITCH account and you’d rather make switches yourself, log in and gather your automatic payment and direct deposit information to get your switches started. The ClickSWITCH database holds verified contact information for many billers and depositors, making it even easier to make switches.

Visit a branch and enroll today!

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