The one question we’re asked most from those starting their new business is, “When should I meet with a banker?” Our answer to that is: the sooner, the better.

Whether you’re in the early stages of developing your business idea or you’ve been working on it for years, starting a conversation and building a relationship with someone who can provide guidance and expertise is invaluable. When you’re ready to sit down and chat with an FNB Business Banker, here’s what entrepreneurs and business owners can expect.

You Will:

Walk us through your business idea.

Identify your competition.

Share current sales numbers.

Determine fixed and variable expenses, and explain current financing.

Identify your support system.

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We Will:

Communicate our philosophy about business banking.

Explain what types of services we offer to help your business.

Identify capital options.

Walk you through the loan approval process.

Provide a plan for best next steps.

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