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The one question we’re asked most from those just starting a business is when they should meet with a banker. That answer is simple: NOW. It doesn’t matter if you are just thinking about taking the leap, sneaking it in during your “free” time in the evenings, or working on it full-time in your basement. Starting a conversation and building a relationship with someone who can provide guidance and expertise is invaluable. When you’re ready to sit down to chat, these are a few things we’ll discuss.

What We Need to Know

You Will
Walk us through your business idea.

Identify your competition.

Share with us how much your current sales are.

Figure out what your fixed and variable expenses are.

Let us know who is helping you with your finances.

Tell us about your support system.

Let's Get Started
What You Need to Know

We Will
Teach you our philosophy about business banking.

Explain to you what types of services we offer to help your business.

Look at using bank funds vs. your capital vs. venture capital.

Walk you through what’s next if you’re approved for a loan.

Figure out your options if you aren’t approved for a loan.

Share with you how we’ll work together to get started.

Let's Get Started