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We understand the quick decision-making needed to operate large businesses, as well as the hard work and determination necessary to succeed in an entrepreneurial environment.

This level of insight makes us your best business partner. Whether it’s operating capital, new equipment, land purchase, or facilities expansion, you’ll find us ready to talk – and to listen.

Term Loans

Commercial Mortgage
Purchase, refinance, expand or remodel an existing facility, purchase a new property or business, purchase or refinance an investment property

Term of up to 20 years

Equipment Financing
Construction equipment, commercial vehicles, manufacturing, medical, technology, and transportation equipment

Terms ranging from 1-7 years

Construction Financing
Construction of a commercial property

Term of up to 12 months

2-3 years of business tax returns
2-3 years of business financial statements (Profit and Loss/Balance Sheet)
Interim financial statements*
Business plan with 3 years of financial projections

Personal Financial Statement*
Business Financing

Lines of Credit:
Provide working capital

Finance seasonal cash flow needs

Pre-determined loan amount which allows you to borrow as needed

2 years of business tax returns, 2 years profit and loss/balance sheet, interim financial statements*, business plan with three years of financial projections

Letters of Credit:
We offer letters of credit to businesses seeking a bank guarantee for payment

Prevent money from being tied up

Use your money where it is most productive

Establish relationships of trust with suppliers without needing a payment history

Personal Financial Statement*
Special Loan Programs

Through the Small Business Administration (SBA), we are able to offer flexible terms that may not meet traditional lending guidelines.

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Medical & Dental Equipment

If you’re expanding your business or looking for a fresh start, our experienced business bankers will help you every step of the way.

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