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You were driving the ATV around your family's land when you were eight years old and by 12 were helping dad plant, work cattle, and driving the grain truck during harvest. You've shown at every county fair you can remember. You went to sleep every night wanting to be a farmer. And now it's time to live that dream.

Taking over an operation is hard work – you need to build confidence, understand your financials, create your own identity as the CEO of a multi-million dollar producer operation. You owe it to the promise you made to yourself as a next-generation family farmer.

Our team has been there: many of our lenders wake up early to lead their own operation before they come to work helping yours. We can help you build equity, transfer acres and cattle, and give you real-world advice about successes and challenges you’re likely to face as you start living your dream as a producer and owner-operator.

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