FSA and Special Programs

Producers need special attention from their lenders to get them off the ground, help them grow, and recognize the ins and outs of their production business.

Many of our Ag Bankers are producers who still work on the family farm every day as well as with special financing and special programs. They understand when a special loan program is right for a producer and know the mechanics of getting those programs up, running, and working for you.

We’re confident that we can get your production operation into the right loan program, no matter how you’re starting up or growing.

FSA Loans

Our Ag Bankers have written hundreds of FSA loans and know when to use this program as a way to accelerate new farm start-up, accelerate growth on established farms, or help transition a farm to the next generation. FSA loans are a flexible and smart way to grow value-added agriculture and alternative agriculture operations. We know what to look for when producers come to us for financing, and FSA loans are a key tool.

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Cattle Feeding Financing

You're upping your cattle feeding operation and need the land, equipment, or outbuildings to finish strong. Our team is ready to support you with the perfect financing options, so you can meet producer demand, receive more cattle, market effectively, and sell your finished cattle with the highest margin and most efficient operating costs.

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Swine Producer Financing

It's time to scale your hog operation, and you need financing to build the infrastructure to make things happen. We have producer-bankers who have been there and made the leap from small swine operation to large hog farrowing and finishing operations. Let our team guide you to a bigger, more productive swine production operation with the right financing options.

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Dairy Producer Financing

Your modern dairy operation needs the most updated equipment and infrastructure available to be efficient and effective. From new biometric data systems that optimize your herd's production to parlors that give you put-through at scale, we understand how the pieces fit to help you grow your dairy operation. Turn to our team of producer-bankers to analyze your operation, recommend best programs, and get more of your milk to market, faster.

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