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Why Hey! Sioux Falls

Bob Baker
Business Banking Team Lead

A few weeks ago, we were honored to be part of the Hey! Sioux Falls! Awards at the Orpheum. As sponsors, we felt that supporting the best in our city’s entrepreneurship mattered, and as participants in the entrepreneurial community, we knew this event meant helping our own.

“We recognize the hustle and hard work it takes to start and operate a business. Coming from a fifth generation family-owned financial institution, supporting this great event is right in line with who we’ve been since 1885,” said Bob Baker, Business Banking Team Lead.

We were lucky enough that night to be nominated by several folks for the Corporate Innovator of the Year award and more fortunate to be selected as the winner.

Our team was among great company – nominees and peers who recognize that supporting business in the community means stepping up and creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to learn, grow, and flourish. To walk home with the bronze flashlight, symbolic of shining a light on the Sioux Falls business community – was wonderful and spoke to the richness of this community’s entrepreneurs and our opportunity to be a part of it however we can.

What Hey! Sioux Falls! was to us at The First National Bank in Sioux Falls, was an affirmation of the strength of our team. Every day, our Business Banking team works with young and established businesses to provide the best advice, ask the hard questions, and be a partner on their financial journey. They are quick to find the best loan program, the right Business Solutions, and even retirement and Wealth Management plans for employees and owners.

When it’s time to grow a business, our team knows how to listen, counsel, and then execute. When it’s time to transition a business, our team ensures that the next and past ownership generations are better, stronger, and prepared for what comes next. And when there’s nothing at stake except supporting a thriving ecosystem, our team has been the first to say “yes.” We will continue to work closely with ZEAL as it evolves, be a lead sponsor for 1MillionCups Sioux Falls, and help makers find their feet with the 605Made Market.

Our commitment to entrepreneurs is limited only by the imaginations of the businesspeople in the Greater Sioux Falls area. And, frankly, that’s no limit at all. So when the Hey! Sioux Falls! folks asked, “Will you be a part of this event?” we said, “Yes!” We saw an opportunity to recognize that more of the best of entrepreneurship is to come, and we want to honor it by supporting entrepreneurial enthusiasm however we can, whenever we can, every day.

If you’re excited about our commitment to entrepreneurship, we would love to meet you to see how we can support your dreams. Whether you’re a new business idea that’s germinating, an existing business who’s ready for growth or a change from your bank, or an established business ready to transition to a next generation or new ownership, we’re ready to build a successful relationship with you. Contact us today!

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