Investment Principles

Our investment philosophy is based on the principles of balance, disciplined long-term focus, and the importance of asset allocation and diversification. We work to keep your portfolio tax- and cost-efficient. With no affiliation to any brokerage firm or mutual fund company, we have the freedom to choose the very best from the universe of stock, bond, fund, and other investment options.

Chasing returns or paying high fees is not the avenue to investment success. We take a long-term approach to creating and managing your tailor-made investment plan.

Our Investment Creed

  • We Believe risk is not a number but rather the probability of a permanent loss of principal; risk is underperforming markets, inflation, and our clients’ goals.
  • We Believe success is properly mitigating risk as we define it; success is meeting and managing client expectations, and having our clients feel confident in our abilities.
  • We Believe in taking risks that are rewarded with appropriate return based on valuations.
  • We Believe performance should be measured in years not months and, therefore, focus on long-term outcomes over short-term fluctuations.
  • We Believe constant learning and a team approach increases the likelihood of success.
  • We Believe in the power of compounding returns.
  • We Believe costs reduce returns and being cost conscious helps maximize client returns.
  • We Believe inflation is like an invisible cost that is always there but is hard to see.
  • We Believe saving on taxes is a real and tangible generator of additional after-tax return.
  • We Believe in buying stocks to own partial interests in businesses and participating in our share of future cash flows.
  • We Believe in acting and reacting only when we are prepared and comfortable with what we know and what we don’t know.
  • We Believe the biggest investing errors come not from factors that are informational or analytical, but from those that are emotional.
  • We Believe in disciplined investing that removes emotion from decision-making through rigorous processes and monitoring.