Top 3 To-Dos Before Buying Your First Home

When it comes to buying a home, the process begins long before signing any papers. This is why it’s essential to start planning early. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure you’re comfortable when the time comes to apply for your first home.

1. Start (or Keep) Saving
Prior to purchasing a home, it’s important to have saved enough money to put towards a down payment. The larger the down payment you have on your home, the more equity and the lower your initial payment will be. However, regardless of the size of your down payment, we have financing options to work within your budget.

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2. Build Your Credit
Most likely, this will be the largest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. So, in order to purchase a home, you’ll need a credit history. Some ways to start building up your credit are to have loans out in your name, such as student loans or a car loan, or having a credit card that is managed responsibly. Overall, making timely payments in full is the most important.

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3. Catalog Important Documents
During this process, you’ll need to provide many important documents such as past tax returns, paystubs, bank statements, and more. It may be beneficial to start a folder or binder to help you stay organized, if you haven’t already. That way, when it comes time to apply for a loan, you’ll have all the important stuff in one place.

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