The Baseball Seams Co.

Nathan Rueckert

“What I’m doing is tied so closely to what I’m passionate about. It’s a ton of hard work, it’s a lot of long hours, and it’s a lot of intentionally figuring out, you know, what am I going to do tomorrow to make sure that I can still be the best dad that I can, […]

It’s Time to Cast Your Vote!

Get a Jumpstart by Downloading our 2016 Media Kit

2016 Media KitThis holiday season, we’re at it again! For the fourth year in a row, we are gifting $2,500 checks to the four non-profits with the most mentions on our social media pages. That’s a total of $10,000! Nominations can be made November 9 – December 9 using the hashtag #FNBGiveFirst on Facebook, Twitter, […]

Learning About Life on the Spectrum

As Featured in the October Issue of The 'Hood Magazine

With the constant barrage of birthday parties, after-school activities, and various appointments, raising a family can be utterly exhausting. In today’s world, being a mom requires you to wear many hats and keep pace with a quickly-changing society. Liz Krogstad, First National Bank Trust Officer, mom, and wife, can speak to the struggle of maintaining […]

Baan Dek

June and Bobby George

“It was purely this is where we are going to go; we weren’t going to fail. If you’re not always pushing forward, you feel like you’re settling. And then, you become a part of the status quo, and we don’t want to become a part of the status quo.” #StopDreamingStartDoing Watch as June and Bobby […]

Announcing a Strategic Partnership

Zeal to Receive a $50,000 Entrepreneurship Grant

We’ve teamed up with the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship here in Sioux Falls to support entrepreneurship initiatives and foster business innovation in the region. Our recent $50,000 grant initiates a strategic partnership to jointly develop new resources for entrepreneurs and drive the growth of new companies in the area. “This strategic partnership with The First […]

Insuring Your Success

Pre-Harvest Policy Review

Banking in College

How to Use Technology to Your Advantage

When you move away to college, a lot of things change. You’ll find yourself searching for classes, navigating a new grocery store, and trying to remember where you parked your car. If all of that doesn’t sound like enough, don’t forget the real reason you’re there – to further your education. One thing you shouldn’t […]

12 Reasons to Review Your Will

Creating a will and an estate plan is not a “one and done” event. Many events can cause a once perfect plan to fail to meet expectations and the needs of the family. Life happens. As a rule of thumb, a will and estate plan should be reviewed every five years or so. Here’s a […]

Gearing Up for Back to School

Donation Drive to Benefit Area Students in Need

At First National Bank, we have a long history of giving back to our communities; stewardship is even one of our FIRST Values. One way we enjoy giving back as an organization is through hosting donation drives. Each year, our internal Wellbeing Committee organizes 2-3 donation drives benefitting local non-profits, with The Banquet’s Project: S.O.S. […]

Ask A Trust Officer

Retirement Readiness

Dear Trust Officer: How much money must I have in order to be able to retire? Is $1 million enough? —Peak Earning Years Dear Peak: The better question is: How much income will you need during your retirement? If you will have a pension and Social Security checks coming in, $1 million might easily be […]