ATM & Debit Card FAQs

For answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Advantage Debit Card services, please select a question.

Are there costs or fees for having or using my Advantage Debit Card?

The First National Bank in Sioux Falls does not charge to have a card. If you use an ATM that is not operated by First National Bank, you may be charged a fee by the operator of the machine. In addition, if the ATM is a non-Advantage ATM, you may be charged a service fee.

Can I change my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

You can change your PIN by two methods; either method allows you to select your own number. Call the toll-free number, 877-219-4344, and follow the instructions to change a PIN. Or, change your PIN at any Advantage ATM by following the step-by-step instructions prompted by the terminal. Either change is effective immediately.

Can I use my card as soon as I receive it?

All Advantage Debit Cards are inactive when issued. To activate your debit card, you must either call the toll-free number provided with your card (877-219-4344), or go to an ATM to complete a transaction requiring you to enter your PIN. You can also activate your card by completing a PIN (debit) purchase at a merchant. ATM cards are PIN protected and do not require activation before use.

How do I know what payment method to use (credit or debit)?

Use whichever payment method your feel more comfortable with! Most merchants accept both payment options; however, some merchants only accept signature-based transactions (credit option), while other merchants only accept PIN-based transactions (debit option). Because your Advantage Debit Card has both signature and PIN features, you can use your card at even more locations!

If a merchant accepts both payment options, you may be presented with the option to choose the payment method you prefer. Just swipe or insert your card, and select either credit or debit. Some merchants don’t require a signature or PIN for purchases of $50 or less. Also, some merchants may charge a small fee for cash back.

How do I use my card?

To conduct a signature-based transaction:
1. The merchant must accept Visa debit cards.
2. Swipe or insert your Advantage card at the merchant terminal.
3. Select the “Credit” option.
4. The merchant will give you a receipt to sign and a copy for your records.
5. Your checking account will usually be charged within one to three business days.

To conduct a PIN-based debit transaction:
1. Swipe or insert your Advantage card at the merchant terminal.
2. Select the “Debit” option.
3. Enter your PIN to authorize the payment.
4. If desired, select cash back (this option is only available with PIN-based transactions).
5. The payment is authorized and your checking account will be charged within one business day.

Is there a maximum daily withdrawal limit?

Yes. Your card has four standard daily limits set by the Bank. $520.00 is the amount you can withdraw from an ATM in a 24-hour period. $1,000.00 is the maximum you can spend on signature purchases in a 24-hour period. $1,000.00 is the maximum you can spend on PIN-based purchases in a 24-hour period (which includes the cash back amount). $520.00 is the maximum you can withdraw via cash advance from a teller in a 24-hour period.

You may contact a Customer Relationship Manager at any location to have the following withdrawal limits adjusted to fit your personal needs.

What precautions should I take to prevent fraud or theft?

Memorize your PIN. Do not write it down, especially on your card, and do not tell anyone your PIN! When making a purchase, keep your card in sight at all times. Do not let anyone else enter your PIN for an ATM transaction.

What should I do if my Advantage Debit Card is lost or stolen?

Report your lost or stolen card to the Bank immediately. Call (605) 335-5200 during business hours; on nights and weekends, call 800-236-2442. Our international number is 1 (414) 291-8411. Please dial the “exit” code of the country you are visiting first. You may be liable for the following losses:

ATM and PIN-based purchases: For fraudulent ATM and PIN-based purchase transactions, your loss is a maximum of $50.00 if you notify the Bank within two business days of learning of the loss of your card. Failure to notify the Bank within two business days of learning of the loss of your card may result in a $500.00 liability for you.

Visa Signature Purchases: Visa regulations have eliminated any liability to you for the loss or fraudulent use of a Visa card for signature purchases processed through Visa.

Which stores accept my Advantage Debit Card?

Any merchant accepting Visa debit or NYCE PIN debit cards will accept your Advantage Debit Card.

Whom do I call if there are unauthorized transactions on my statement?

Contact our Customer Support Center immediately at (605) 335-5200. They will be able to determine how to handle the situation.

Why do the purchase amounts sometimes vary when I look at my account utilizing Online Banking?

Many automated fuel pumps (where you swipe your card right at the pump) only authorize against your account for $1.00. (Once the actual purchase amount is transmitted by the merchant, the $1.00 charge will drop off your account – usually within a few days.) You may also notice differences in purchase amounts at merchants where tips are typically part of the sale. The merchant will frequently authorize the purchase amount including up to a 30% tip. The merchants will then send the actual purchase amount through in a couple days.

Why would I get a call regarding my transactions?

The First National Bank in Sioux Falls participates in a monitoring service to assist with preventing or minimizing fraudulent transactions on ATM & debit cards.

Fraud analysts monitor all ATM & debit card transactions and if fraud is suspected, an analyst will contact you to verify the transaction. If the caller identifies himself as a representative calling on behalf of First National Bank and asks you to verify a specific transaction, the call is legitimate, and it is safe to discuss that transaction with the representative. If you have any questions, want to verify any questionable transactions regarding your checkcard, or confirm that a call is from the fraud monitoring service, please contact us at (605) 335-5200.