Tim Umfleet


Trust Risk Manager

“‘Create your own opportunity. Don’t wait for it.’ I’ve always believed in that.”

Tim grew up in Lima, Ohio and is a huge fan of Ohio State football. He’s been in the industry for more than 8 years.

He has gathered his education from the University of Findlay, St. Thomas University School of Law, University of Denver Graduate Sturm College, Cannon schools, the Graduate Tax Program at Sturm College of Law, and FIRMA conferences.

“Not only at the Bank, but in Risk Management in general, you deal with new issues every day. You can’t guarantee that any one day will be identical to another.”

He is a volunteer with the Dakota Alliance Soccer Club and the Treasurer of the South Dakota State Soccer Association. “I spend my time with these organizations, because I enjoy giving back to the kids. I had many coaches growing up that positively impacted my life; I’m hoping I can do the same.”

Outside of work, Tim enjoys golf, coaching and playing soccer, and spending time with his kids. He is supported by Karissa and his two boys, Jackson and Max.