It all started 130 Years ago…

Earlier this month, we celebrated our 130th Anniversary. But, if you missed it, don’t worry, because the party is just getting started!

Beginning September 25 through October 9, we’ll be hosting a challenge that could land you $130. Check out our Facebook page for the details.

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Although hard to believe, First National Bank has been around before South Dakota was even a state, and for a majority of those years, has been owned and operated by just two families: the Bakers and the Kuehns.

Today, there are four members of the Baker family working at First National Bank: Bill Baker, President and CEO; Stephanie Gongopoulos, Senior Group Executive of Cultural Development; Bob Baker, Business Banking Team Leader; and Maggie Groteluschen, Personal Trust Account Administrator.

As a family-owned business, First National Bank has seen the values of Family, Independence & Innovation, Relationships, Stewardship, and Teamwork as vitally important to its success from day one. “All of our employees live our FIRST Values in their own way, each and every day. This is what sets us apart,” said Stephanie. “Our FIRST Values are an integral part of our culture and who we are.”

The First National Bank culture is something that’s hard to explain. Whether it’s the free flow of energy or simply the people, walking through these doors makes you feel something – something very similar to a great, big bear-hug. “It’s the only real job – and the only real home – I’ve ever known,” said Bill.

The Bakers have always lived by the same set of values, both professionally and in their personal lives. “The values of the Bank and the values of the family have become so intertwined that you can’t distinguish one from the other anymore,” said Stephanie.

“For me personally, growing up here has meant that the line between ‘family’ and ‘work’ has always been blurry,” said Bill. “In my mind, we are all truly a part of one family.”

But, all First National Bank employees can attest to what that’s like; that’s what makes this place so special. Bill, along with many others, has witnessed the value of family coursing through the veins of this company. It is what gives the Bank life. “Coming to work every day and being embraced by the warm smiles, the friendly greetings, the beautiful hearts and souls of the people in this place… that’s what it’s all about.”

We will continue to share stories and hear more from the Baker family as we celebrate our 130th Anniversary throughout the year. Stay tuned!