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Insuring Your Success

Tyler UrbanAs you get ready to hop into your combine this fall, it’s an opportune time to reflect back on the past summer.

We experienced many challenges in our region this growing season ranging from excess spring moisture in certain areas to persistent drought in others. Unfortunately, pastures across South Dakota also took a beating. And, let’s talk about the trending topic in the soybean industry: dicamba drift. If ill-prepared, all of these things can surely raise a farmer’s blood pressure!

The drought that plagued much of South Dakota this summer could have implications on your crop insurance. Since the current fall prices of December corn and November soybeans are below the spring price, there is a chance that even a small yield reduction will lead to revenue protection claims. Be sure to work with your crop insurance agent in a timely manner so that these potential losses do not go unpaid. A relatively new product for cattle producers insures pastures and haylands and may be of benefit to you. Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) is a great way to protect the value of those acres.

As far as dicamba drift goes, chemical drift is not yet an insurable cause of loss from a federal crop insurance perspective. Any claims resulting from significant yield loss will come from private liability insurance companies. If you happened to have been hit with severe chemical drift, an effort is underway to remove low yields from your 10-year Actual Production History (APH).

With harvest season just on the horizon, know I’d be happy to ride along in the combine to discuss these items further and to help everyone fully understand their insurance policies. To me, there is no better job on the farm than combining. Here’s to a safe and bountiful harvest season!

Have questions? Contact Tyler; he would be happy to help.

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