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#FNBGiveFirst 2019

Hope, Joy, and Giving with $10,000 of Holiday Cheer

#FNBGiveFirst 2019

What is #FNBGiveFirst?

This year we’re celebrating Hope, Joy, and Giving with $10,000 of Holiday Cheer. We want to give back to the community this holiday season through a fun digital competition. #FNBGiveFirst got an overhaul, so forget the rules from previous years. Here’s what you need to know for this year:

The campaign will run from Monday, November 4 – Sunday, December 8.

This year’s competition will be bracket-style. (Think March Madness but for your favorite non-profit). Non-profits must be nominated during the month of October via social media in order to enter the preliminary bracket. (All you need to do is post the name of the non-profit you want to nominate, along with the hashtag. It’s that easy!) The more times an organization is nominated using the hashtag #FNBGiveFirst, the higher they will be seeded if they make it into the final bracket.

Each non-profit will be sorted into one of four divisions. The organizations from each division will face-off two by two until there is a winner in each division. The highest-seeded non-profit in a division will face-off against the lowest-seeded in their division, and so on. Once the campaign starts, you can vote each week on our website. The best part? Voting is unlimited! Spread the word and get your friends to vote, too, by sharing the voting webpage on your social media account(s).

The remaining weeks will be elimination rounds; each week, half of the organizations in each division will be eliminated until one from each division remains.

Week 1 (Nov. 4-10): Voters determine contestants for the final campaign bracket (8 spots in each division).

Week 2 (Nov. 11-17): Voters determine the top four non-profits in each division, four organizations remain.

Week 3 (Nov. 18-24): The top four non-profits face-off in each division, two organizations remain.

Week 4 (Nov. 25- Dec. 1): This voting round will be a face-off of the top two in each division, and determine the champion in each division.

Week 5 (Dec. 2-8): The champions from each division will compete in the final week of the campaign for a $4,000 grand prize, while the other three will win $2,000 each by default.

We will share weekly bracket updates via Facebook video. The voting window each week will be Monday at 10:00 a.m. – Sunday at 11:59 p.m. The final round of voting will end Sunday, December 8 at 11:59 p.m., and the winners will be announced via Facebook video and on our website on Monday, December 9.

Spread the word, and make sure you’re following us for all the updates:


Read our FAQs, view our sample bracket, and download your 2019 #FNBGiveFirst poster to get a jumpstart on spreading the word. You can post them on your social media, print them, or email it to your organization, be creative!

Qualified non-profits are 501(c)3 organizations located within a 50-mile radius of 100 S. Phillips Ave., Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57104.

Please contact us if you have any questions!

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