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Fertility and Profitability

One of the tasks you should tackle this fall is one that could pay huge dividends and that you might not readily think about. Yes, greasing the combine is important, but yearly soil sampling can end up being the foundation on which you can begin building your plans for the upcoming year. And, the best part? It’s cost-effective and easy to do.

Having an understanding of your fertility allows you to set a plan of profitability for 2018. If you’re in an area that has experienced production issues due to unfortunate weather, you may be able to significantly cut your fertilizer expenses for next year. Also, having experience with fertilizing aggressively or applying manure could mean a reduced amount of fertilizer needed for 2018.

You may also find yourself benefiting from adding more to your program. If you’re looking to build soils, the current fertilizer market appears to have a few deals for fall application and bookings for spring.

Reach out to your local retailer or agronomist early to talk through getting your fields booked for sampling. Many retailers have programs and pricing in place already for 2018, and at today’s prices, it may be advantageous to dive right in as a way of hedging your risk of increasing fertilizer prices. This way, when all of the combines are parked, you’ll be ready to set your plans in action.

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