Business Bill Pay

A couple months ago, we introduced Business Bill Pay to our business customers. With this streamlined payment tool, small businesses are able to pay their bills online, eliminating the need to manually write multiple checks.

Utilizing this service through First National Bank is a convenient way for small businesses to seamlessly pay their invoices and bills. Along with the ability to set up bill reminders and scheduled payments, Business Bill Pay allows you access to a bill payment history, as well as an audit trail showing actions taken by authorized users.

Business Bill Pay costs $8 per month for the first 10 bills. Every additional bill after that will cost $0.50. Many billers offer eBills, beneficially allowing you to receive and pay bills directly from our website.

So, are you ready to toss paper and postage costs out the window? We don’t blame you. To learn more, view our demo, or call our Online Banking team at (605) 335-5101 to see if Business Bill Pay is right for you.