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Financial Management Failure

How could someone who earned $650 million over 17 years be broke? That’s the question actor Johnny Depp recently tasked a team of forensic accountants and his new business manager, according to a recent Vanity Fair article. The team determined that Depp’s business managers of 17 years were guilty of mismanagement, breach of fiduciary duty, and disbursing funds without Depp’s knowledge. The team promptly filed a lawsuit seeking $25 million.

The business managers, who had never been sued before, fired back with a lawsuit of their own. According to them, there was a list of reasons why Depp went broke. Here’s a partial list:

  • 14 residences, including a chateau in France;
  • a 156-foot yacht, which was expensive to maintain;
  • 12 storage facilities filled with memorabilia, such as collectible guitars and art;
  • $30,000 worth of exotic wines flown to him monthly; and
  • the employment of 40 full-time employees, costing $300,000 per month.


As an example of his extravagant lifestyle, Depp spent $5 million for a memorial service for his idol, journalist Hunter S. Thompson. A 153-foot cannon was built at Thompson’s home to blast his ashes into the air.

The business managers seek damages of $560,000 and a statement by a court declaring that “Depp caused his own financial waste.” The trial is expected to begin in January.

Adding Guidance to an Inheritance
Although Johnny Depp may be an extreme example of financial management failure, it’s stories like these that cause some wealthy parents to wonder about the financial capacity of their own heirs. Even responsible adults have been known to have moments of weakness when faced with a large inheritance.

That’s why so many are turning to trust-based inheritances. When the trust is administered by a professional trustee, such as us, the beneficiaries get financial management according to the terms of the trust, along with investment management of the trust assets. There’s no guarantee that a trust will last for a lifetime, but it does improve the odds for lifetime financial security.

By the way, Depp paid 10% of his income to his business managers and his lawyer, about $65 million over 17 years. Our fee for trusteeship is well below that percentage!

Do you have questions concerning wealth management? If so, send them over to Adam Cox, JD, MBA, and he’d be happy to help.

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