Correspondent Banking


Since 1891 The First National Bank in Sioux Falls has been providing Correspondent Banking services in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa.


We will work with you one-on-one to understand your unique requirements and the issues impacting your business. Together, we can help you identify opportunities while providing your banking customers with a variety of financial services.


  • Agriculture loans - we buy and sell overlines and participations
  • Business loans - we buy and sell overlines and participations
  • Fed funds and Fed funds sweep accounts
  • Treasury services - wire transfers
  • Bank stock loans
  • Cash letter clearing
  • Employee benefit programs
  • Institutional Trust Services - help you manage customer accounts
  • Corporate Trust Services - for your school, municipality, or other governmental unit

For more information or assistance with these or other services, contact our correspondent banking department at 605.335.5200.