Protect Against Fraud With Positive Pay 


Positive Pay is a great way to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity and provide enhanced check reconciliation on your account(s). We will work with you to identify unauthorized transactions before final payment is made. To take advantage of this service, your company would electronically share with us your check register of all written checks. Then, we would only pay the checks that have the exact specifications (amount, check number, etc.) as those listed in your register.


How it Works

  • When checks are issued, your company would individually input the items or prepare a data file and transmit the file to us through Business Online Banking.We would work with you to develop a unique template that identifies the information you are providing.
  • As checks are presented for payment, Positive Pay would verify that the information on the check matches the information in your data file. 
  • If a check fails to match, you will be sent an email so you can review the exception and make the decision to approve or disapprove. You will be able to view the front and back image of each exception item to verify that neither the payee name nor the endorsement has been altered.


There are no fees or costs associated with this service. Benefits include:

  • Automatic method to monitor and detect check fraud.
  • Detection of duplicate check presentments, amount mismatches, and check number mismatches to improve the statement reconcilement process.
  • Ability to flag any check for review when it is presented for payment to verify when two signatures are required, large dollar checks, endorsements, posting date, etc.
  • Approval or disapproval of checks that are outstanding for a predetermined number of days.


  • Basic Service Business Online Banking High speed internet connection
  • Positive Pay works with certain hardware and software systems. Please contact your Bank representative for information regarding system requirements. Hardware and/or software may become outdated and unable to support Positive Pay, and the customer may be required to upgrade from time to time.